Website Building

This course is designed to take you from beginner to Web Builder.  No previous experience is needed to take these 19 lessons            click here for lessons  

Website Building                         This course has three modules;
Module 1 – What is the Internet?
        • What Is The Internet
        • How do web browsers work?
        • What is HTTP?
        • Web Server Responses
Module 2 – Creating websites with HTML
        • Introduction to HTML
        • Viewing Website HTML in our browsers
        • Creating our first HTML document
        • Understanding Basic HTML
        • Adding Text to our HTML page
        • Adding Links and Images in HTML
        • How to add navigation to a simple HTML page
        • Class, ID and < div > and < span > in HTML
        • How are complex HTML websites created?
Module 3 – CSS
        • What Is CSS?
        • Understanding CSS Selectors
        • Using Simple CSS Styles for text
        • Padding, Border and Margin in CSS
        • Loading External CSS Files using the tag
        • More advanced CSS