Learn Programming

There is lots of source  for beginner to  get started  learn programming .here i share some useful sites ,groups ,communities to learn fast programming .i suggest you do not search more just follow instruction
  1.  If you are beginner and wants to clear your concept about programs . khan Academy video click here .  khan academy is also  very nice for any subject and completely free for every one for ever.   
     2.  If you are looking for basic programming and wants to create some small programs. 
Small Basic   click here    is a better program for beginners ,with the  help  of small basic programming  you will also  clear your confusion about programming.

       3.  If you need to go deep and fast and want to work hard learn visual studio.net free video tutorial clcik here 


Introduction to programming 
 A program is a list of detailed instruction .
    A program is simply is a list of instruction that tells the computers what to do . computer is only dump machines they cannot think .they can only execute your orders within the programs that you write, without programming computers are worthless.
There are  several advantages to writing your own programs .when you write your own programs they do exactly what you want them to (you hope!)